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Meet Andrea

When I got help and hired a coach, the game changed for me.

I was no longer struggling and hustling my way through. I had a plan and a strategy that would get me from where I currently was to where I wanted to be.

I knew what got me here, would not get me to the next level so I KNEW I needed help!

If anyone asked me what the best investment I had ever made was I would say… that I invested in me. I bet on me. I bet on the fact that if God gave me the vision, HE would bring people into my life to help me along the way (paid or free). And that’s exactly what HE did.

I started my business to help small business owners, and entrepreneurs tap into new audiences and grow cohesive brands around their businesses using the power of Youtube. To help experts package their message up into profitable content in a way that makes people listen, brings in consistent income, and impacts the world around them.

And by the grace of God, I get to do this everyday.

But this started with my obedience to invest where I was instructed.

My investment in a coach has honestly saved me, I’d say, a minimum of 5 years of being stuck, frustrated and confused and I am SO GRATEFUL for this.

I realized I had come to a point where I could only go so far with what I knew and that piecing together free content and YouTube videos were no longer going to cut it.

I took the leap and I’m so thankful!

Within my coaching program Infinite Audience I am able to do the same thing that my coach has helped me do- believe bigger and accelerate my growth. My clients are stuck trying to figure out the YouTube algorithm and how to have true impact. They are making progress!

Stop wasting your time trying to figure it out on your own – we are stronger together!

f you are ready to make the leap and invest in yourself, I may have a spot for you in Infinite Audience… but only if you are ready to accelerate your impact and bet on you and what God has placed inside of you.

When you apply to work with me in the Infinite Audience Program you also get an exclusive invitation to my Free Private Training walking you through what it looks like to join us inside!

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