I’m a Tulsa, Oklahoma bred marketing strategist, YouTuber, Jesus lover, author, and creative with big dreams and an even bigger story. 

I can be awkwardly shy yet very outgoing, loud when comfortable, observant when needed, and a true girly girl at heart who loves to laugh. 

I'm weirdly unique and so are you! That's why I want to help you bridge who you truly are with your content. That way your audience falls in love with the authentic and true version of you and you actually enjoy showing up in your expertise online.

That’s why I teach Christian entrepreneurs and small business owners how to grow their online brand around your business, build a thriving online community full of prospects, and increase their online impact using the power of Youtube, without content overwhelm or a throw spaghetti at the wall approach.
My coaching method comes from my years of experience. I have built a brand and online community of over 80,000 people and have navigated through the highs and lows of these internet streets.

I'm Andrea Denise!

Hey There!


Keeping my mind fresh with new ideas flowing is my happy place


Honoring God within business, life, and online community is my first priority. 


YOU are the reason I started my online journey.  I see you, I believe in you, and I'm rooting for you more than you will ever know! 


I Value...

To live a life we love, there HAS to be a ton of fun and laughs involved, right? 


I grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma in a two parent household with my mom and dad. My family all lived in Tulsa as well so it was always a good time. 

But at age of 13, my world came crashing down. I unexpectedly lost my fishing buddy, my source of laughter, my daddy. My daddy and I would sing, dance, and cook together all in continuous laughter. I developed my outgoing personality and huge heart from him. When I heard my aunt and uncle tell me he had gone to be with God, I felt as though a piece of me was torn out and taken with him.
 Then just three months later, as I am still coping with my daddy’s death, I sat on the fireplace in my house and watched as my mom take her last breath on the white hospital bed in my living room. 

The day before my 14th birthday, my mom was called home to be with God, leaving me parentless in this world. I lost the best adviser, motivator, and hero to the terrible disease of breast cancer. She fought for a long time and finally she received her crown and was called home. 

These accomplishments are only a section of my life - a small one compared to everything I’ve faced. Just like you I have a story that I have allowed God to use for HIS Glory. 

Lean in a little closer


Have you ever felt like you hit rock bottom so fast, you had no sense of direction or any knowledge of how to get out of the place you had fallen to? If so, you now know how I felt as a 14 year old. 
Lost, scared, weary, angry, frustrated, confused, and numb… 
I went to live with my aunt and uncle in Dallas, Texas leaving my home, friends, and family behind. 

From this experience I learned lessons of a lifetime: 

1. God’s got me and He loves me more than I could ever imagine
2. Nothing can stop me from living the life I’m here to live out
3. I am stronger than I ever thought… and so are you! 

Listen sis, if God can bring me through something that should have taken me out, He can do the same for you. 
If I can bounce back, so can you. 

Have you ever been punched so hard in the stomach that it knocked all of the wind out of you?


I struggled with my hair for years so when I figured it out, I couldn’t keep the information to myself. From this, my Youtube channel and brand was born. As I created valuable content using the power of video, more and more people began showing up. After years of actually building and growing a profitable and sustainable brand, my audience wanted more from me. 

So after 4 years of being solely an influencer and content creator, I realized my impact could expand if I became a coach as well. I spent years building, growing, and monetizing my brand and now knew it was time to help my audience do the same. My experience of monetizing my message, obtaining sponsorships and brand deals with companies I adore, and developing a content marketing strategy plan that created a loyal and buying audience is now being used for the benefit of my clients. 

Like mine, your story can be your super power if you let it be. Our paths in life are not perfect and we may hit a ton of bumps in the road. But you know the one thing that remains true? YOU are here for a reason! Your life, your story, my path has all led you right here.

You know God has given you that business idea but you aren’t sure where to go next or how to build it and make it profitable- that’s where I come in...alongside you. 

I help you bring your vision to life and grow it to reach people all over the world. I have several years of experience helping individuals turn messages into movements and you and your business could be next.
Your abilities, gifting, and talents are limitless BUT you have to decide that it’s worthy of people seeing it and that your product or service is worthy of people paying for it. 
So let’s do this together. Hand in hand let’s dominate the online space and impact the world around us.

Fast forward to my junior year of college at the University of Missouri. MIZ! I decided to pick up my camera and show ladies how to take care of their relaxed hair.


Saw that people wanted to know how I built and monetized my platform so I became a coach to help entrepreneurs and small business owners expand their online reach while having fun within their content. 

Became a Coach


The adventure began and the cringey first videos were endless. My content ranged from hair care, faith talks, college vlogs, and more!

Became a Content Creator and Influencer


Started as a Psychology Major and transitioned to Communications where I fell in love with the camera and digital production and marketing. 

Started College


Lost both parents 3 months apart. One completely unexpected and one was struggling from a sickness for years. 

Lost Both Parents


Janice | Speaker, Author, and Nonprofit Founder

I needed help with branding and my social media. Actually, I needed help with EVERYTHING!!! I was referred to you and it was the Best decision/investment that I've made to-date.

I really loved the online community and support. You helped me to make a total mind set shift and to see myself as more than just someone wanting to help others that have been affected by domestic violence. You helped me see my Value in what I had to offer others.

Andrea, I can't say it enough, you've been the BEST Coach and Mentor! Your continual support and guidance will have a lasting impact. I've never had a Business/Social Media Coach before and you've set the bar So HIGH!! Thank you Thank you for all the time, effort and information you gave me/us!! It has helped me establish a Great foundation as I continue to grow my nonprofit, Woman of Character, Inc. Your Character, Personality, Knowledge and Integrity is reflected in your love for what you do and how you freely give!

"I was referred to you and it was the Best decision/investment that I've made to-date.."

Stephanie | Boutique owner and Content Creator

 Andrea really breaks it down and is always open and honest. Our one-one coaching calls are so detailed and she goes through every step, every question, every doubt, etc. that I may have. She is really about relationship building. The moment I realized Audience was solving my problem is when I felt like I truly had a clear view of my target market and that helped me figure out what videos I need to post on my YouTube channel, and just the overall direction I want to go in business.

Now, I am able to make confident decisions in a timely manner and I am able to create content for the people I am targeting. I also have a different mindset about going into business. At first, I was focused on building a platform to gain more sales in my boutique, but this program is not about building quick businesses/YouTube channels, Infinite Audience teaches us that sustainable businesses are built on serving others.

"Andrea always instills in us that we should be in business to serve and she exemplifies just that!"

Laniece | Real Estate Agent

"Her program is amazing. She really cares about her clients and works hard to assist you with developing a strategy for your business using YouTube. Sign up with her! You will be happy that you did!"

"Sign up with her! You will be happy that you did!"

Sherrell | Wellness Expert

"I felt quite lost before the Infinite Audience program. I had my iPhone, a tripod, and a ring light but no strategy. I was tired of making videos and hoping that people would watch them. I joined Infinite Audience to better understand YouTube and how I could most effectively share content.

Within the program, I have successfully learned to use YouTube as part of my funnel leading to an increase in people on my mailing list, brand awareness, website traffic, and sales! You will get continued support, helpful channel audits, and tried and true strategies but you have to be ready to do the work. That's the secret to success."

"I have successfully learned to use YouTube as part of my funnel!"

Anastacia | Mompreneur and Social Media Manager

Before Infinite Audience, I knew I wanted to dig deep into my "why" and utilize my YouTube channel but I didn't know where to start. I already had my services in place but I didn't know how to position it in front of my ideal audience. After speaking with Andrea, I was confident that she would be able to help me achieve my goals when it came to marketing my services and turning my YouTube page into one of substance.

Andrea walks you step by step through the types of content your audience needs to see that will make it easy to convert my followers into sales. I used to think I had to have each step perfected and have a following of 10k+. However, Andrea's positive and uplifting spirit always focused on what can be achieved in the position I am at now and how to turn my experiences into lessons.

If you have been hesitant about joining Infinite Audience, shake that fear and JOIN NOW. Andrea provides so much insight she should truly be charging double the amount...heck, maybe even triple! Andrea is amazing at starting from where you are and working with you towards your desired goal. Every module has been thought out and super informative!! Thank you Andrea for creating this program! Infinite Audience is a well thought out program that allows you to start growing from wherever you are in business. The community within the facebook group is always pleasant and supportive. Andrea you have built something amazing and I would be so happy if I could give back to others the way you have!

"If you have been hesitant about joining Infinite Audience, shake that fear and JOIN NOW!"

Ryan Bright | Wellness Expert

Before the Infinite Audience Program I was really stuck on what the next steps should be within my business and I didn't really understand what steps I needed to take. I didn't really have any systems or strategies in place that I could utilize or turn to before the Infinite Audience Program. I recognize that I was holding myself back from achieving the goals that I wanted to reach, but I trusted the process and began to overcome the fear that I was being held back by. I decided to join the Infinite Audience Program because I wanted to take action and I believed in the knowledge and expertise that Andrea possessed to help guide me to where I wanted to be.

My favorite result that I have experience from the Infinite Audience Program is overcoming the fear that I've held on to for so long. This Program helps you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable which overall will help you to be successful in your business and overall in life. 

I would just like to thank Andrea Denise and her team for all of your hard work and dedication. It is really helping me to get closer to where I want to be.

"This Program helps you to become comfortable with being uncomfortable"

Alyssa | Christian Life Coach 

Before the program I felt lost when it came to marketing myself and actually being a business. I was posting on instagram and creating YouTube videos, just kind of hoping something would stick or that I would figure it out. Not knowing how to market to my audience and not being fully confident in my own abilities was holding me back from achieving my goals. I decided to join the Infinite Audience Program, because I believed Andrea and the program was an answer to my prayers. I needed someone who knew where I was and how to get my vision out there. I needed to know how to go from hobby to business.

My favorite results has been my mindset shift and just confidence over all I know who I am marketing to and how. I feel capable and driven to implement the tools she has given me. Another result was actually bringing in income. Within the program I have learned to just bet on yourself! Have the faith & do the work, you WILL see results!!

What would you tell someone who's thinking about joining the program? I’d say Just do it!! You can google ALL the things and watch ALL the YouTube videos, BUT you will just be stuck trying to piece it all together. Get the blueprint and the support you need to actually get results and grow your business.

"Have the faith and do the work, you WILL see results!!"

Toccara | Financial Expert 

If you are ready for a change and want to make some great business moves, join the Infinite Audience Program. Andrea is here for you. She cares about how well you do in your business and she will help you bring your vision to life.

"She will help you bring your vision to life"

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